Even though I didn't start my career out in design, I have always been passionate about it. My previous passion for digital marketing and the realization that the aspects of it that I enjoyed the most were all connected to design are what have led me to where I am now.


My first experience with design was at my first internship. I created a page showing customers how they could utilize our products at a music festival. It was here that I started thinking about user research, personas, and scenarios. 

At my next role, I took the initiative to redesign the company website.  And at my first full-time job, I created an auto-populating dashboard for the sales team at Google. At each of these experiences, I took it upon myself to learn new skills in digital marketing and indirectly, design.


The realization that I wanted to pursue a career in UX and the decision to study at General Assembly have been the two best things that I've done for myself. Since graduation, I've gotten the opportunity to produce work in the B2C space across mobile and desktop applications, as well as mobile, tablet, desktop responsive websites.

My background in digital marketing paired with my new skills in design make me excited to solve user problems and create solutions for the world.