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Epson is one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment.


I was tasked by Iteration Group, a UX design, development, and product strategy firm to work with Epson as a UX Designer to redesign a scan management and receipt management software that had originally been designed by Epson Japan.


The goal was to create 3 prototypes in InVision for Epson Japan to quickly test users with. The Japan team would take my final wireframes and prototype, the America team would take their own prototype, and the two teams would test and decide what features to be designed into their final prototype.

  • Take Epson Japan's alpha software, create a duplicate version in Sketch, and create the prototype in InVision.

  • Create two iterations (Prototype 2.0 and Prototype 3.0) of the alpha software to implement UX guidelines and user research insights as well as redesigning according to Windows UI guidelines.

I was the sole UX Designer on this project. I partnered with the agency's engagement manager and the client's senior designer to get feedback.


Research analysis, wireframes, prototyping


Usability testing insights compiled by Epson, Sketch, InVision


3 weeks




Epson wanted to come up with new concept prototypes for their existing scan and receipt management software. The challenge was to increase efficiency in the scanning process, but allow users to complete the same tasks. How might we allow users to more efficiently perform simple scanning tasks, manage scan jobs, and organize scans with their Epson scanner?


Design scan and receipt management software prototypes that will allow users to utilize the same functions, but with streamlined task flows.


1. Create an application that allows the user to complete their tasks efficiently.

2. Include all the functions that the user needs.

3. Make managing scans and receipts easy to do.


This project started with analyzing the video recordings and notes from the usability testing conducted by Epson Japan. They gave the users a set of tasks to complete, which were based on target user goals. This usability study was different from a typical study because the users were not to speak about their decisions aloud, but to be silent and move through the motions as they would if they were using the software in a real life setting. The researcher then asked questions after the users had completed the given tasks.

Usability Test Tasks:

  • ​Scan document and export to folder in PC

  • Scan document and export using e-mail

  • Scan receipt and export

Below, I've annotated the usability testing insights that have been collected and notes from my own heuristic evaluation. 

Start Menu

Users said it seems like an extra screen.

Users would like to quickly adjust certain settings before scanning.

Users don't know how to load scanner.

Receipt management and scan management are separate applications. User may want to access receipt manager from scan manager.

Scan Manager - Exporting

Users are used to seeing export buttons at top left of windows. Select Destination is not common terminology.

Arrange Action button functionality is not understood by users.

Multiple windows are being opened for one task.

Scan Manager - Settings

Multiple tabs for settings confuses the users. They're unsure which tab to open for what they are trying to do.

Scan Manager - Selecting scans

To select scans, the user can click on one at a time or apply common hotkeys such as Ctrl-A or Shift Select to select more than one. This functionality doesn't allow the user to select nonconsecutive scans.

Receipt Manager - Editing data

To edit the data, the user selects the row and clicks on the Edit/ Check button and is taken to another screen, but this is not efficient.

Receipt Manager - Exporting

Users were confused about what Send to accounting service meant and what that would look like after they had clicked it. To export, the user selects one receipt, then clicks the Send to accounting service button to export to Quickbooks or the Save data button to save as a .csv file.

Receipt Manager - Spreadsheet/ thumbnail view

The users cannot see the receipt images unless they click on it.


From the usability insights and by using UX best practices, I designed Prototype 2.0.


For Prototype 3.0, I took the changes I made in 2.0, removed the Start Menu altogether, and designed a tab system for Cassowary where the user can switch between the scan manager and receipt manager.

In the scan manager, I also redesigned the export functionality by removing the Save and Send button and adding save, export, email, and print buttons to the main toolbar.

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